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Multiplayer Horror Games and Horror hasn’t been the best genre for mobile and laptop games a few years ago but it got an impression of the revival of sorts in the last few years and has gotten better. Horror games have too used some elements from a lot of another genre including action, adventure, shooter (FPS), and arcade. We have seen long changes in horror games. We have mentioned the best horror games below. here you will find the multiplayer horror games.

1. Dead by Daylight Mobile
Price: Free to use

Dead by Daylight Multiplyer game
Dead by Daylight- Multiplayer

Dead by Daylight is a really good game. It is like a PvP game In Which Four-player fight with one single player and that single-player is a monster. That monster has some special powers. With the help of these powers, the monster can kill his four opponents. This game provider provides game updates so that User gets regular feature updates. The features and graphics of the game are also solid. But sometimes game suffers from server issues and it will not be played properly on low-end devices.





2. Dead Effect 2
Price: Free to use

Dead Effect 2 is a Science Fiction artilleryman game. Total three characters are there. You have to play the role of one of these. Your aim is to get new Guns and defeat bad persons. It will increase the level of the game. Many other features are also there like lots of dark passage and a 20hour crusade mode. The features and graphics of the game are also solid. But it is not a typical horror game.





3. Distraint: Deluxe Edition
Price: Free to use or Up to $4.49

Distraint: Deluxe Edition multiplayer game in us
It is a new horror game. Its features and graphics are not complicated as other games. The control keys are so straightforward and you can grasp them in no time. It is not a typical horror game. But it can give fear of feeling with its storyline. Actually, it shows itself as a horror game. It is a little bit short game and you can complete it in few hours. But its deluxe version is costlier than its simple version.





4. Eyes

Price: Free to use or Up to $4.49

In this game, you burst into a mansion to range over it and a monster will be behind you. It has many levels and you to unlock these levels one by one. It also includes multiple features and multiple modes. The control keys of this game are easy to understand. The features and graphics of the game are also solid. It will be free to use by Google pass.






5. Five Nights at Freddy’s series
Price: $2.99/Every series


It is a very frightening game. It has a bunch of series in which you have to sit somewhere and watch out for robots. They will try to defeat you by killing you. You can succeed only if you can survive. These games are based on a story and these games have a lot of youtube followers.






6. Fran Bow series
Price: $1.96

Fran Bow series
Fran bow is also a very fright game and also have a bunch of series. Unlike other game, those provide all chapters in a single download. Fran bow does not provide all chapters in a single download. You have to download each chapter separately. It is a game with a lot of mystery. The storyline is used to perplex. Overall it is a simple game.






7. Into the Dead 2
Price: Free to use


It is a very popular horror series. The game Include a fine storyline with different conclusions, guns, ammo etc. Your aim is to survive as much as you can. Many more gameplay mechanics are also there in this game. The features and graphics of the game are also solid.






8. Thimbleweed Park
Price: 9.99$

Thimbleweed Park is a horror game with a lot of suspense. In this game, you have to deal with a dead body and find out the answers to all mishappenings that occur all around the city. There is a total of 80weird residents. Mainly five playable characters are there with two difficulty levels. It is not a proper horror game but it has many elements that can scare you.





9. Slayaway Camp and Friday the 13th
Price: Free to use

Slayway camp and Friday the 13th both are scary and puzzle games. Blue wizard digital is the provider of both games. These contain asymmetric graphics and storylines. In this game, you have to solve many puzzles and kill many robots. Slayway camp and Friday the 13th are among one the best horror games.






10. The Walking Dead Telltale series
Price: Free to use

It is a series of scary games. Telltale Games is the provider of this game. They are based upon a comic book The Walking Dead. In each game, there are five levels. You have to survive as long as you can. Telltale Games provides four games each contains different element different puzzles. It is a funny and scary game and multiplayer horror games.






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