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All the information about Among Us 1 and Among Us 2. Everything about its availability, playtime, features to experience, and a lot more!

In this article, we will take a dive into the Among Us 1 and Among Us 2 games and take down notes of its major, worthy features. We will be talking about its game type, playing experience, how to play among us game and responding to multiple questions that some of you might be having regarding this worldwide famous game.

Among Us is among those few games that have reached a top position is lesser duration. Instantaneously, the game has emerged as one of the victorious, highly played, and purchased games across the globe. So, continue reading further to gain your knowledge regarding Among Us.

Brief History and Background

In 2018, Among Us was initially introduced to the players but it gained more popularity in the world during the covid-19 pandemic. We can say that covid-19 has turned to be a favourable asset for Among Us only. Due to covid-19, the government took massive lockdowns everywhere. So, the people took over the internet completely, especially the gaming industry to kill their ideal time. Through the help of public figures, famous influencers, popular you tubers and professional gamers like PewDiePie, James Charles, Chance Morris, and much more this game took a huge lift. During this time, these favourite people of many began to stream Among Us on multiple social media platforms. The viewers fall in love with its build-up and started downloading for themselves. It is also believed that this is the top reason for Among Us’s pleasant accomplishment. Currently, this game has seen more than 19 million downloads from different platforms via the internet, and these figures are growing rapidly. Let’s take a deeper look at the vital, preferred questions from our young players all across the world.

All About Among Us 1 and Among Us 2

Briefly discuss more Among Us 1 and Among Us 2?

Among Us is not a single-player game. It is a collective game where 10 players can play this game smoothly. Here, any ten players are made to fall into a spaceship owned by some alien or foreign invaders where every character or player is appointed with some personal business two fulfil.  Each player is nominated as a crewmate or an impostor. Unlike the rest of the games, this ideology of Among Us seems to be unique and attracted several gamers towards it. The players can perfectly play Among Us online or through ordinary Wi-Fi with their elected or picked friends. Among Us doesn’t consume more data and space as other huge games do.

Where can we download Among Us Or where is its availability?

Cleverly, this game is designed to work well on iOS and Android devices. Even this game is available for windows users. For Android and iOS operated devices, Among Us is completely free of cost on the Play Store and Apple store respectively with small in-app purchases.  But for windows, one has to download the game from the Steam Store at Rs 199.

How can we download Among Us and what is its cost?

Let’s talk about windows users first. At Steam Store or Among Us’s official website, one can purchase this game. In the steam store it cost INR 199 and from the official website of Among Us, it is available for $ 5 approximately INR 372. Players can directly buy from Steam Store and run the game after downloading. Players purchasing the game from Innersloth’s website have to wait for a little for receiving a steam code and then apply the same in the Steam Store for downloading Among Us. So it’s up to your desire from where you want to purchase Among Us game.

All About Among Us 1 and Among Us 2

Downloading of Among Us is much easier on android and IOS devices. For availing the game, players can merely search the game by typing its name in the Play Store and Apple store respectively, and wait for its downloading status to complete. The free category available for mobile phones contains advertisements that can be eliminated from the game by giving an additional amount of $2 or approximately INR 148. You must know that it is only a one-time payment and you are not asked to pay the same fees later. Players can relate to the pain when suddenly an ad pops up on their device’s screen and interrupt their playing experiences. So, simply pay $2 fees for obtaining an ad-free name for the whole time in the match.

How can I master playing Among Us?

Among Us is a game where the survivability or endurance of a player in the game considerably matters. Here, the players are expected to fulfil their assignments provided in the game, vote out every imposter available and all the imposters have been ordered to kill crewmates or blocking them from completing their tasks to achieve victory. If a player is nominated as a crewmate then their job is to search for imposters. Designated as an imposter is more entertaining as you have the ability to deceive other players by restricting or killing them. Isn’t the sound amazing? If you are chosen as an imposter then you have to kill the crewmates in the game and make sure that none of them, move out of their respective zones or locations. You can also vote against different players to step them out of their locations. One important point to be considered here is that if your player circle is larger, then you may opt to avail many imposters. Crewmates or not allowed to talk or plan while executing their designated assignments earlier than the announcement of a confirmed death but get an opportunity to place the vote against a particular imposter after someone’s death. So, what do want to become an imposter or a crewmate?

Describe the crucial role of an imposter?

An imposter is a character in Among Us, whose appearance is much likely to an alien or an invaded creature. It resembles other characters in the game. An imposter can change its shape or has the ability to appropriately fit into any shape. Its major role is to deliberately damage or attain failure in the mission.

 Up to how many players can play a single match in Among Us

In the same interval of time, a party of only 10 players can be formed. The simply indicates, that only 10 people or players can play a match at a time.

Learn more about the release and announcement of Among Us 2All About Among Us 1 and Among Us 2

Innersloth, the company that has launched Among Us has announced the confirmation report regarding the introduction of Among Us 2. As the population involved in this game is raising their voice in favour of launching Among Us 2 due to its multifold popularity in the youth these days. We have gathered all the information from different trusted sites about its upcoming plot and enlarged features, launch date, and much more.

In a blog post shared on August 18, 2020, Redmond development studio Innersloth has unravelled the production of Among Us 2 officially. The verification of this news arrives immediately by the interest shown by twitch streamers.

Innersloth supported this fact and commented in favour of this news. They said they have always dreamed of enlarging the Among Us game and after seeing the wonderful response of the players from different parts of the country further layered bricks on their project. They were extremely glad by watching the rapid growth of their game. The team also added that they have started the preparation for the upcoming sequences that are waiting for anticipation in the game.

What is the release date of Among Us 2?

Innersloth has maintained the silence on the official release date of Among Us 2 currently. They previously commented that they have just begun their work on Among Us 2 and honestly do not know when they are going to launch this game to the world. They asserted that they have not finished the programming, character sketching, and addition of sound yet.

So, the players have to wait a little longer to unlock the secret of the release date. But it has been estimated that Among Us 2 will take six to seven months for its furnished production as many believe it was the period taken by Among Us 1 for its completion.

As Innersloth mentioned that Among Us 2 will have larger features, so it may take more than the expected time slot for Among Us 2’s production. This specifies that approximately by late August 2021 we will hear about its first beta title. Of course, this estimation is subjected to changes as nothing has been officially announced by the Innersloth.

New update organized for Among Us 2 sequel

All About Among Us 1 and Among Us 2

1) Maps of Among Us one will stay

As Innersloth said they will be adding some constituent of Among Us 1 in Among Us 2 as it is going to be a continuation of the previous game. So, Among Us, 1 map won’t to deleting from Among Us 2. The maps will be advanced showcasing the identical and original three regions as earlier.

2) More number of players to be added in a single game

In Among Us, 1 only 10 players were allowed to play a game by forming a party but in Among Us 2, we can expect a rise of 12 to 15 members in every match. As we all are well-versed by the rule that the more, the number of players is directly proportional to more entertainment.

 3) The Addition of more roles or characters by the Innersloth

Innersloth has confirmed that they will be increasing the complexity in the gameplay by the addition of new roles and won’t be limited to imposter versus crewmate type. They further said that they have not reached the heights of designing the roles but they will be introducing them sooner. So the players are requested to have some more patience for Among Us 2’s release.

  • Estimation of a larger update on content

Innersloth has remarked that they will be adding a larger content, something big that they did not add to the former Among Us. So, the 2021 release is expected to have, maybe a continued season or launch of improved battlegrounds, etc but we are not sure about this.

Finally, the most awaited query, what will be the launch price of Among Us 2?

Of course, as Among Us, 2 has greater features and advancement than Among Us 1, so the launch or release price of Among Us 2 is expected to be higher than Among Us 1. But according to Innersloth, they will be offering Among Us 2 at a cheaper rate in some ways. Innersloth will be providing something called a ‘long-term player’ deal to those players who have bought Among Us 1. This offer will give an additional discount to the previous players only for this sequel on the Steam Store.

Maybe these players will be receiving a mobile version of the same with supporting ads.

There is also a report mentioning that Among Us 2 may contain in-app purchases through in-game currency acquired for buying cosmetics in the game. They confirmed that they will let the players buy or earn the articles, whatever they wish for.

Flourishing news about the cancellation of Among Us 2

With the official confirmation of production of Among Us 2, there are also reports suggesting that Among Us 2 will not be released as the company is showing more interest in the improvement of Among Us 1 and will update its features rather than coding for Among Us 2.

According to a published blog by Innersloth described that the principle working code base of Among Us 1 has been obsolete so they will be working on adjusting or fixing this issue. The main reason for not making of among us to is the fear of not getting popularity like Among Us 1. In a short span Among Us 1’s rating has been skyrocketed and they don’t want to face the danger of unsuccessful of Among Us 2.

They even told that the content up-gradation planned for Among Us 2 will be included in Among Us 1. Probably coding of Among Us 2 is more difficult than the fixture or advancement in Among Us 1. Characteristics such as the latest servers, colourblind support, friend/account system, and a new stage will be indulged in Among Us 1.

We don’t have the exact information regarding innersloth’s decision about up-gradation of Among Us 1 or production of Among Us 2. But in both cases, players are going to be benefited and may their project reaches maximum heights than they projected it to be.

So, this was all about Among Us 1 and Among Us 2. Stay in touch for further information with inner sloth. Soon they will be declaring about the launch of the game on both PC and mobile versions. Innersloth has said that they will be giving more priority and organize their scattered ideas as soon as possible and inform their players about it.

Possibility of among us in Xbox, PS4, and PS5 in 2021

As it was observed that by December 2020, Among Us was made available on Nintendo switch and people claim that there is a huge possibility of Among Us coming to Xbox or PS4 and PS5. You can do the among us pc download.

These are merely rumours and nothing has been officially announced. There is also no written evidence for the confirmation of the same. Innersloth may consider entering into a massive PlayStation association for the gain of profitable results.  But sorrowfully, no possible steps have been taken by inner sloth in this field. It is confirmed that the inner sloth is working on the Among Us’s Xbox version. However, there are no release dates of Among Us landing on PS4 and next-generation PS 5. Among Us is a cross-platform game which means that it can be played between three platforms like mobile, PC, and among us pc download. Nintendo switch where the players from these platforms can play together this game uninterrupted.

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