Android 21 from Dragon Ball FighterZ| All About Android 21

Android 21 from Dragon Ball FighterZ| All About Android 21

Brief Discussion on Android 21 from Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21 is a pristine character and indigenous character which first premiered on the Dragon Ball fighters. Unlike other characters of Dragon Ball fighterZ, until now we can see their specifically mentioned details like Bulma, a non-fighting character but Android 21 specifications are not revealed much to date. By noticing and tracing every minute detail of Android 21, let’s first describe and adore her features further.

Android 21

Android 21 mainly deals in the research concerned field. She works as an investigator

After the introduction of Android 21, a cut epilogue was unraveled, showcasing Android 21 by Bandai Namco. According to this cut plotline, she was described as a simple, virtuous, and ethical character. Her addition is done in the Dragon Ball fighterZ to provide every possible help to you previously disclosed character named as Android 18. If there are any regular watchers of this anime they could guess or relate to the revelation of Android 21. Yes, it is to assist and deliver a helping hand to Android 18 who had been badly wounded and ill-treated in the previous season. It is also evident from a scene where Android 21 introduces herself as an investigator or researcher. Even from a distant report where the producer of Dragon Ball fighter Tomoko Hiroki narrated Android 21’s occupation as a scientist from the Red Ribbon army and also urged the viewers of this video game to guess her relationship with the other Android.

Android 21 has a deep bonding with the Red Ribbon Army

A major feature of Android 21 is that maybe she is in member or attached to the group called Red Ribbon Army. Through the help of the Red Ribbon Army logo which is made clearly visible on her lab coat and the gadgets she posses, Bandai Namco has left no confusion that she has some deeper connection with the Red Ribbon Army. Another plot, where Android 21 calls herself an employee of the same group further thickens the root of this assumption.

For the new viewers those who are unaware of the Red Ribbon Army. Well, the Red Ribbon Army is the strongest opponent of Goku in the genuine Dragon Roku and this competitor was re-emerged in another season named Dragon Ball Z lately. After Goku’s huge victory against the Red ribbon Army, their community has been diminished noticeably. From the leftover population, the discoverer and developer of the Android called, Dr. Gero was successful in saving his life. In consideration of Hiroki’s words, we have estimated that Android 21 and doctor Gero has some or the other form of attachment towards each other. Hiroki also pointed that maybe Android 21 is way cleverer and sharp-witted than doctor Gero.

Android 21

Android 21 was formulated by Akira Toriyama, a designer

I know this phrase is a bit problematic but it’s all in support of the semantics used in this game. As clearly indicated from Bandai Namco and Arc system, even both the publisher and the developer of this game implied that the main designer of Android 21 is none other than Akira Toriyama. It can be assumed that he is not being credited for the characters drawing but is intensively concerned with the visual direction of this character.

The voice behind Android 21

It is very much evident and clear from the latest trailers of Dragon Ball fighterZ that the Japanese voice actress of Android 21 is Jeannie Tirado, who is the voice of multiple anime characters like Vegeta, Yamaha, and more. Lately, the voice actress confirmed the same news on Twitter that she is excited to be the voice of Android 21. The English voice of Android 21 is also long-established. This news is from the words of Christopher R. Sabat from a recent interview.

Jeannie Tirado has offered has her voice in other anime characters like Dragon Ball 2 Kai and attack on Titan. Her best work was one piece film: Gold. Tirado is also popular in producing versatile voices depending upon the nature of the anime character.

Android 21 has a puzzling relationship with Android 16

Most of the information displayed about Android 21 revolves around the Red Ribbon Army and Android 16. From Hiroki’s arguments, it is observed that there is a special bonding between Android and Android 21, especially we can also see a strong relationship between Android 21 with Android 16. Only it has been noticed that whenever Android 21 is showcased most of the time there is a well-marked presence of Android 16. This point should be should not be overlooked as maybe this is the key and make a major difference later in the series.

Several her brain up to awareness that both Android 21 and Android 16 share the same colored hair Pointing that they share a common family background but as it is not confirmed yet. It is still a mystery to the viewers. Android 16 is completely based on Mechanics whereas his siblings were humans earlier but were subjected to transformation into cyborgs by doctor Gero. They were Android 17 and 18.

Android 21

Description of Android 21

Android 21 as described in the game is a tall, voluptuous researcher or scientist. She wears glasses. Her hair is bushy and long which turns pale pink when in the form of a palette. Her outfit consists of a blue and red blended, short, sleeveless dress with skin-tight non-transparent black leggings and un-identical pair of red and blue heels.

Personality traits of Android 21

Android 21 has great affection for food and cannot control her hunger demands due to its biological makeup. She expresses a strong desire for sweet and macrons is one of her favorite meals. Android 21’s hunger is directly proportional to her evilness. She loses her good side against hunger and turns into a vulnerable antagonist which means she is suffering from a split personality. In her actual personality, she behaves as a kind, lovely and nurturing woman but when in hunger her actual personality takes her down and she turns into a powerful psychopath. That time she only thinks about food and her prey.

Android 21 cosplay

In the Dragon Ball fighterZ video game, Android 21 is a crucial antagonist this game. The actual inventor of Android 21 is still unknown to date but through gathered information, to this question, we have two different kinds of answers. The first variety states that he was the former wife of doctor Gero but after the death of their son, and Android 16, he converted her wife into an Android. The second variety says that Android 21 is nearly a type of bio Android whose physical outlook matches a strong traditional, female adult who has an unmatched level of high IQ. When it comes to cosplay Android 21 presents two choices for cosplayers, mainly about her dressing style. The first choice which people can prefer is her simple and attractive appearance whereas the second appearance appears to be dangerous with severe facial features. This outfit comprises of a dark black tube top, the lower is baggy white pants. She even wears a belt and un-similar pair of Golden and black shoes, separate pair of black sleeves for protection in her arms, a golden color dazzling necklace. Her hair is long and completely white-dyed.

Complete background history of Android 21

It is considered that Android 21 does not seem to know about her origin and identity. Android 21 does not have a memory of her past life when she was a human. Even she is unaware of the reason why she was uniquely developed as a hybrid Android distant from other varieties of Android 16, 17, and 18. The good persona of Android 21 does not remember doctor Gero who has invented her but the evil persona recalls some of her previous memory through her Intelligence and able to make out doctor Gero.

After a while, Android 21 gains a little memory of her son and expresses pain, guilt, and vain. That time she firmly took an oath to repair and redesign Android 16, her son. She was desperately waiting to shower her love and consider him as her family. Unfortunately, she lacked the knowledge that doctor Gero was the biological father of Android 16 and she had a considerable relationship with doctor Gero previously.

On separation from her positive half, the devil Android 21 made fun of her better side’s denial for feasting on others in order to, gain more power. The good Persona of Android 21 was successful in linking the human soul that was earlier linked to Android 18. Only this reality supported her to control her dark side. But the good Android 20 was always afraid of losing her positive side, completely transforming into a more evil persona and devouring on others for quenching her hunger and increase her powers. The devil side would have harmed her new friend also. So, ultimately she decided to surrender her good side against the level to permanently cure her hunger.

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