Android TV Setup originally for the first time

Android  TV Setup originally for the first time

In this article, we will share the Android TV setup. Android TV is a form of Smart TV, first formulated by Google. The specialty of Android TV is that through strong internet connectivity one can enjoy the subject available of their preferences. As the demand for IPTV boosted, this system was launched in 2014 by Google to satisfy the quench of IPTVs. Android TV is compatible with set-top boxes, soundbars, even digital players, and also conventional TV sets.

Android TV
Android Set UP

Android TV uses Android OS which has huge support from Play Store. This demonstrates that the users are made accessible to multiple Android apps have that are well-versed to function in a TV setup. The uniqueness of Android TV is that it is featured with Chromecast integration. So, users can enjoy their entertainment programs via their smartphones and desktops. Yes, one can govern the content of their interest from smartphones, tablets, desktops, and even Windows 10. You can even control the functioning of Android TV through your voice, that is with the help of Google assistant which is available in almost all including local languages to fulfill the requirements. It is also aided with an Android TV remote to minimize your difficulties in its usage. Almost all Android TV available in the market arrives with the latest Amlogic or MediaTek processor which can be seen in smartphones these days. Many come with 4/8GB varieties in storage and 2/4GB of huge RAM. Some support 4K content too.

The best quality of an Android TV against Smart TV manufactured previously, LED and LCD is that as the Android TV Run smoothly due to its Android OS, it has a comparatively better app library. One is allowed to watch content from YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Prime video, etc. However smart TV which works on Tizen OS or web OS provides minimal app assistance. The screencast of Android TV drives on Chromecast integration, unlike smart TVs. Android TV supports Google Assistant also. This feature is hardly seen in smart TVs.

Let’s quickly move to the procedure on how to connect Android TV with the help of a wireless connection to a network.

POINTS TO REMEMBER( While Android TV Setup)

1. Users are making use of a wireless hub, a game adaptor, or a router are requested to select a wired setup first rather than mentioned wireless setup.
2. For a simple connection of your TV to the internet, you can use the feature of the network. Depending upon the variety of LAN routers and networks used, the process may alter. Users are advised to make sure that they have set up a LAN router (wireless) first before the actual setup of the internet connection.
Devices like hubs, routers coupled with Android TV (for example Sony) are essential for perfect connection to the internet.

Given below are the steps to wirelessly Android TV setup.

Android TV Setup
1. On the Android TV, remote comedies cover and press down the button called Home.
2. Move and click on the Settings option.
3. Depending on the version of Android TV the menu options will vary.
For Android 9, follow this method
• Click on to network and internet
• Then select easy setup
• Finally, select the available Wi-Fi option

For Android 8.0 or previous models, follow the given process

• Click on to network only
• Followed up, select the network setup
• Then click on easy
• Lastly, select the Wi-Fi option
4. The users can now choose their Wi-Fi network according to their tastes.
5. The screen on the Android TV was the guide to finish the Android TV setup.

How to set up a keyboard with Android TV?

The addition of a keyword is comfortable for several users for typing, studying, and also playing video games.
Follow the given simple guidelines for connecting the keyboard to your Android TV.
1. First, move to settings
2. Go to other, available via settings
3. Click on more settings
4. Select language and input from more settings
5. Press on keyboard and input method from the above step
6. Click on the default
7. The previous step will display a popup menu, the from their move to Physical keyboard and turn it ON.

Android TV Setup
Android TV Setup

Instructions for connecting ethernet setup on Android TV

In the case where Wi-Fi is at distance from the TV box, the Wi-Fi signal, and its strength loosen which can hamper your watching experience. For solving this worry, you may directly plug the LAN cable into the Android TV box.

Step-1 Via RJ45 port available on the TV box, you may connect the LAN network there.
Step-2 With the help of a LAN cable simply connect the internet to your TV box.
Step-3 * Move to settings
• From provided, Ethernet option, turn it on. This Ethernet icon will be placed in the right-hand corner of the display screen.

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