Free  Fire Game Review | All About Free Fire Game

Free  Fire Game Review | All About FreeFire Game

Free Fire Game Review, we will share with you. After reading this article you get the full information about the Free fire game. Here you will get the proper free fire game review| All about the free fire.

Free  Fire Game Review -All About Free Fire Game

Garena Free Fire (otherwise called Free Fire Battlegrounds or Free Fire) is a battle royale game, created by 111 Dots Studio and distributed by Garena for Android and iOS. It turned into the most downloaded versatile game all around the world in 2019. Because of its fame, the game got the honour for the “Best Popular Vote Game” by the Google Play Store in 2019. As of May 2020, Free Fire has established a precedent with more than 80 million day-by-day dynamic clients worldwide. As of November 2019, Free Fire has earned more than $1 billion around the world.

Garena is right now chipping away at an improved version of Free Fire which will be called Free Fire Max.

Garena Free Fire is an online-just activity experience battle royale game played in a third individual viewpoint.

The game comprises up to 50 players tumbling from a parachute on an island looking for weapons and gear to kill different players. Players are free to pick their beginning position, take weapons and supplies to broaden their battle life.

At the point when players join a game, they will enter a plane, which will fly over the island. While the plane is flying preposterous, the players can bounce where they need, hence permitting them to pick an essential spot to land away from enemies. In the wake of handling, the players should then go searching for weapons and utility things. Clinical hardware, medium and huge weapons, explosives, and different things highlighted can be found all through the island. A definitive objective of the players is to get by on the island with a limit of 50-51 players on the web; this requires taking out all rivals the players experience en route and guaranteeing that they are the solitary survivor remaining. The accessible safe space of the game’s guide diminishes in size over the long run, coordinating the enduring players into more tight regions to drive experiences. The last player or group standing successes the round. The game will get a significant update on Monday, December 7, carrying changes to the preparation map just as presenting some refreshed firearms.

How to Install Garena Free Fire on PC? 

Subsequent to downloading Garena Free Fire PC Version, You can install it on your PC by following the step-by-step instructions below.

  • First of all, Download Garena Free Fire For PC.
  • Presently remove Garena Free Fire Zip document using Winrar or some other software.
  • Presently install Bluestacks App Player and open it on your computer.
  • Presently simplified Garena Free Fire APK on Bluestacks.
  • Presently Garena Free Fire will start installing on your Computer. After installation is finished, You can play it on your PC.

Minimum System Requirements

 Here’s what you need to run Free Fire Game on your PC.

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2, Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only)

 Processor: Dual Core 2+ GHz

 Memory: 2 GB RAM

 Graphics: Nvidia HD Graphics 3000 or Higher

 DirectX: Version 11

 Storage: 4 GB available space

Recommend System Requires

 Here are recommended system requirements to run Free Fire Battlegrounds on your PC.

Processor: Intel Core i5-680 (PassMark 3500) or higher processor with virtualization extensions enabled in the BIOS

 Memory: 6 GB or higher

 Graphics: Intel HD 5200 (PassMark 750) or higher

(DirectX, Operating System and Storage requirements don’t change)

Free Fire Game Modes

As we’ve been referencing, Free Fire was principally a battle royale title, however, the devs have extended the inventory since its dispatch to incorporate other fun and serious game modes. While a portion of these new modes has become perpetual staples because of their mass allure, others are continually pivoting all through the arrangement, offering players some assortment to reprieve up the repetitiveness.

A portion of the game modes that have been delivered in Garena Free Fire across its lifetime incorporate the accompanying:

1. Fatal Blade

Fatal Blade - Free  Fire Game Review | All About Free Fire Game

The primary point of the game mode is to kill a monster samurai boss within 20 minutes. Players can collaborate with companions (4 players) or play with randoms in the game mode. The thought is to shoot the samurai boss while avoiding his attacks however much as could reasonably be expected.

The samurai boss has 5x life, and killing him inside 20 minutes is serious stuff. You bargain next to no harm to him while his one blow can undoubtedly eat half of your whole wellbeing bar.

There are 4 towers on each edge of the guide and remaining close to any pinnacle can recover your wellbeing. The pinnacle light goes off after a specific period, and when it’s off, players will not recover well-being. Players can turn on the light by just tapping on the pinnacle, however, be cautious as you are helpless while turning on the light.

After each particular period, a blue zone will shape close to the towers, and anyone remaining inside the zone gets resistant. Continually shooting the samurai boss and utilizing the blue zone is the correct method to move toward the game mode.

At the point when the samurai arrives at 1x of his life bar, he will annihilate each of the four towers individually. Shooting the samurai on his head while he is annihilating the towers can ensure the complete blow on him.

You can play the Free Fire Fatal Blade game mode up to three times each day, and finishing it will get you an elite plunder box that contains various rewards.

Team Deathmatch - Free  Fire Game Review | All About Free Fire Game

It’s essentially a 4v4 clash set around similar areas where clash squads occur.

The principles are very basic:

  • In the event that the players are comfortable enough with the current standards of clash squad then this new arrangement should not trouble them much as far as feeling everything ‘new’.
  • In the first place, the players need to browse the four arrangements of hardware offered at the beginning of the match and each time they respawn.
  • Each time the player kicks the bucket, he’ll respawn presently before he can hop into the energy of the battle once more. Suggests this new mode ends up being truly fun in case you’re a rusher.


2. Kill Secured

kill secure moment in free fire game -  All About Free Fire Game

In Kill Secured, two teams of four players contend with one another in a small piece of Bermuda for 10 minutes, similar to Deathmatch. The team that reaches 80 points first or the one with the highest measure of points after the time ends wins the match.

At the start of the game, everything players can choose their own weapons. Points are procured by killing different players and by gathering tags. On the off chance that a player gets killed, he will respawn until the game ends.

While wiping out another player or getting a dog tag, your team will get one point. Getting dog tags from your own teammates is a decent strategy to deny the other team points. You can also have a streak of getting dog tags, getting +1, +2, +3 points until the streak ends or you are killed.

The size of the guide makes it easier to make new strategies, such as partitioning your team in two. Also, choosing the correct weapon can change your entire gameplay. The SKS will be acceptable in the event that you need two functions, a sniper and an assault rifle, however, it’s better used as a counter because of its low pace of fire. The M1014 is perhaps the best alternative for close-range gameplay since it has a high harm yield. The Thompson is another acceptable decision for the Kill Secured mode since it has an amazing capacity and is dangerous in the battle royale mode.

Settling on great character choices is also significant in case you’re searching for success. Jota is an incredible alternative in the event that you like the close-range gameplay, especially on the off chance that you pair him with an SMG or shotgun. Andrew’s capacity to have a strengthened vest makes him a strong decision for the new model. Shani’s capacity to fix the protective layer and Alok’s capacity to mend make them great assets for a team also.

3. Gun King

Who rule team in the free fire game - Gun King - Free  Fire Game Review

The Gun King is one of only a handful few exclusive modes that have been as of late added to Free Fire. It is another four vs. four-mode, with the team killing their foes with the most extreme or the highest-level weapon getting the Booyah!

The players will start with a blade, and the team will procure a badge on each kill. Subsequent to arriving at the necessary number, the team will be elevated to the higher weapon level.

The request for weapons and the number of badges to be elevated to the higher position will differ slightly.

To presently play Gun King mode, players are needed to have the Bermuda Remastered map downloaded.

4. Bomb Squad

Bomb Sqaud - Free  Fire Game Review | All About Free Fire Game

In ‘Bomb Squad’ Mode, two irregular teams will spawn on the map. At the point when the match starts, one of the teams will get the job of attacking while the opposite side will be safeguarding. The attacking team should plant a bomb, and the shielding one should stop them from doing as such. There will be a sum of seven rounds in a single game, and the team who wins more rounds will win the game. The gameplay of the Bomb Squad mode resembles that of CS: GO, where one side is the terrorists, and the other one is the counter-terrorists. Free Fire Game Review of the Bomb Squad.

Toward the start of the game, your team will be placed in either the Offense (Attacking) Team or Defense Team. Choose your hardware set that you will play within each round. If you are in the Offense Team, at that point search for the Bomb Site and plant the bomb there. When planted, the bomb will detonate consequently after 60 seconds. If you are in the Defense Team, kill the players of the Offense Team before they plant the bomb or defuse the bomb after it has been planted. There will be an aggregate of 7 rounds, and the first team to win four rounds will win the game.

Free Fire Maps Free  Fire Game Review 

1. Bermuda

Bermuda is a tropical setting with lush grasslands, as well as several islets surrounding it. The map itself features various locations, including factories, residential complexes, a force plant, a shipyard, storage, and some more. This is the standard map accessible to everybody as soon as they download the game, which makes it perhaps the most mainstream. I will share with the whole Free  Fire Game Review within mintes.

  • Peak is among the most favored spots on the Bermuda map. It is situated around the focal locale and spreads across a vast territory. Players can discover numerous buildings where they will actually want to acquire nice loot.

Nonetheless, it attracts plenty of gamers, making it a high-risk, high-reward area. They are prescribed to be keeping watch for foes as they would confront some opposition on Peak.

  • Mars Electric is quite possibly the most ignored location by players as it is present on the map’s base side. It is generally safe contrasted with different places. Users are required to discover lesser rivalry here and discover fair loot that is sufficient for the squad.

Also, they are probably going to discover a vehicle that would assist them with turning, contingent upon the play zone’s arrangement. It is essentially suitable for gamers with a focus on playing safely.

  • Cape Town is the last area on this list of landing spots. On the off chance that players favour playing moderately safe, they can consider dropping here. There are numerous buildings and houses where an abundant measure of loot can be found. Players can also seek shelter in these compounds.

free fire Bermuda - Free  Fire Game Review | All About Free Fire Game

To open it, players would first need to download the expansion pack. Also, they would need to be over level 5 to open and play the map. Here’s the way they can download the map in Free Fire.

  • Open Free Fire and snap on the ‘Download Center’ symbol present on the highest point of the screen.
  • Press on the download button present beside the name of the map.
  • It would require some investment for the map to download based on the web speed.

Here are the means by which players can start a match on this map:

  • Snap-on the mode change alternative present on the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Press on the Class — Purgatory alternative.
  • At the point when all set, click on the start catch to begin the battle royale match.

Players must note that they might have the option to attempt a non-positioned match in Purgatory during a specific time span, between 6 PM and 10 PM IST.


Kalahari Map - Free  Fire Game Review | All About Free Fire Game

The newest expansion to the arrangement of maps, consisting of an enormous desert with various interesting and unusual locations. Kalahari is perhaps the most tumultuous map, including lots of good weapons strewn all through its numerous regions. Moreover, it has lots of places that can work with various play styles. From close-quarter battles using SMGs and shotguns to long-ago encounters with sniper rifles, Kalahari has everything. This is quite possibly the most mainstream map alongside Bermuda. This is the map of the game, it’s just for the Free  Fire Game Review.

Free Fire Characters For the review of the Free Fire

There are dozens of characters altogether in Garena Free Fire, and every one of them has its own special capacity. Given that the abilities fluctuate incredibly in terms of the idea of what they can accomplish, picking a character can be as simple as choosing the capacity that most appeals to you. Or on the other hand, you could choose absolutely on looks alone, selecting the character that appeals to you cosmetically. The magnificence of Garena Free Fire is that it allows you to settle on that decision. We will share with you Free  Fire Game Review with the Free Fire game characters.

K ‘Commander BOOYAH’ 

K 'Commander BOOYAH' - Free Fire Review

K is modelled on DJ KSHMR, the Spinnin’ Records spearheading DJ/Producer. While K’s level up unlocks stay a mystery, we do realize his passive skill raises his greatest EP to 250. K’s special dynamic skill has two novel modes: Psych Professor and Jiujitsu Master.

Special Ability 

Psych Professor: EP to HP conversion rate increased by 500% for allies and self inside a 6 meters radius

Jiujitsu Master: Regenerates 2 EP each 2-3 seconds, up to 100-150 EP. The skill has a cooldown of 20 seconds before forms can be swapped


WOLFRAHH - Free Fire Review

Wolfrahh is a streamer that doesn’t have faith in headshots. Why focus on the head when you could just point all over the place?

Special ability 

Spotlight: harm taken from headshots is decreased by 3% (up to 25%) and harm conveyed to enemy limbs is increased by 3% (up to 15%) per watcher


MOCO Character - Free Fire Review

Moco is a specialist programmer that would presumably choose to live on a PC in the event that she had the alternative.

Special ability

Programmer’s Eye: Moco tags enemies she shoots for two seconds.


JAI in Free Fire - Free Fire Review

A SWAT authority that is a specialist in keeping his ammunition bested up in the midst of battle.

Special ability

Seething Reload: taking down a rival reloads your AR, pistol, or SMG by 10% of its ability


The latest Garena Free Fire character is Luqueta, who increases his wellbeing each time he gets a kill.

Special ability

Cap Trick: each kill increases max HP by 8%, up to 35%


A124 in Free Fire - Free Fire Review

A124 is part robot, section 18-year-old young lady. She’s a recuperating specialist, yet she’s somewhat selfish, just equipped for mending herself with her special ability.

Special ability

The rush of Battle: Convert 25 EP into HP (cooldown: 90 seconds)

Wukong in free fire - - Free Fire Review

Wukong is some sort of monkey/human/robot crossbreed. What’s to come is frightening.

Special ability

Cover: Turn into a bush (cooldown: 300 seconds)


Antonio in Free fire game - - Free Fire Review

Antonio is presently the lone gangster around, in the wake of clearing out the entirety of the opposition.

Special ability

Gangster’s Spirit: Receive ten additional HP when the round starts


Miguel in free fire  - - Free Fire Review

Miguel is a first-class special forces soldier that was double-crossed by his own allies. He’s likely not the most trusting person on the planet now.

Special ability

Insane Slayer: You acquire 20 EP for each kill



 Paloma is a belle of the ball-turned arms vendor. She’s not an exceptionally pleasant person, to be honest.

Special ability

Arms-managing: 30 assault rifle ammunition doesn’t occupy a stock room


KLA IN FREE FIRE GAME - Free Fire Review

Kla is a famous military artist-turned-vigilante that lets his fists communicate everything.

Special ability

Muay Thai: Deal 100% more first harm


NIKITA -  Free Fire Review

Nikita is a professional protector and specialist marksman.

Special ability

Firearms Expert: You reload submachine guns 4% faster


KELLY - Free Fire Review

Kelly is an extraordinarily fast secondary school sprinter that is dependent on the track.

special ability

Dash: You sprint 1% faster


aLOK FREE FIRE game - Free Fire Review

Alok is a famous musician from Brazil, that motivates his teammates with the force of smooth beats.

Special Ability

Drop the Beat: Create a 5m emanation that increases development and sprint speed by 10%, and restores five HP for five seconds (cooldown: 45 seconds)


Ford in free fire game - Free Fire Review

Ford is a naval force veteran and loves putting on a freshly-pressed uniform. He doubles for Will Smith in his spare time.

Special Ability

Iron Will: You take 4% less harm outside the safe zone

Free Fire Diamonds – How to Get Them? 

theme of free fire  - Free Fire Review

As a free-to-play portable game, it’s normal that Free Fire has lots of in-game purchases and microtransactions. Most of the goods in the game can be purchased with diamonds, one of the game’s currencies, which is gotten mostly by topping up your record with genuine cash. As such, diamonds are top-notch cash used mostly to open benefits faster than usual. After this, you can assume the Free  Fire Game Review.

While there are a couple of free methods to get Free Fire diamonds, such as taking an interest in special events, the most well-known and fastest approach to get them is really by purchasing them from the store.

There are two fundamental ways to go about this:

  • Free Fire Diamond Top Up: Pay cash to instantly get a bunch of diamonds. The amounts can be as low as $1 for 100 diamonds, or as high as $50 for 5,600 diamonds.
  • Free Fire Membership: Pay a month-to-month or week after week charge to get a small measure of diamonds consistently. While it takes longer to get everything, and requires you to login day by day, these memberships usually give substantially more diamonds than by topping up straightforwardly. Presently, the week-by-week membership goes for $2 and gives an aggregate of 420 diamonds more than 7 days, while the month-to-month membership costs $8 and gives 1,900 diamonds altogether. The two memberships give 60 diamonds every day.

The month-to-month membership choice can also give special rewards to those who purchase it. Right now of composing, this prize is an “AK – Gold Coated(30days)”. As long as the player maintains their subscription, they will get this awesome weapon skin to showcase their support. I hope you will get the Free  Fire Game Review.

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