How Can We Send Voice DM on Twitter?

 I will share with you how can we send voice DM on Twitter? Twitter just revealed another component of voice informing for Direct Messages (DM). Indian clients previously got the voice informing highlight with the new Twitter update. Different stages like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram as of now have the component to send customized voices to different clients. So it is required for Twitter to give Voice informing highlights. Nonetheless, very much like Twitter voice tweets, clients can send voice DMs that are a limit of 140 seconds in length. 

How Can We Send Voice DM on Twitter?

How Can We Send Voice DM on Twitter

Twitter presented these sound tweets highlight back in June which permits clients to send tweets as voice notes with or without messages. Twitter says that this new element will permit clients more approaches to communicate their inclination and it makes more human encounters for narrators and audience members. Albeit, this element isn’t delivered for everybody and it is a work in progress.

How to voice DM work?

Twitter the voice message on Twitter, we can send the only 140 seconds. This feature is available only for Android or iOS devices. If you are using the android app so, you can easily access the new feature of Twitter.

To get this feature you have to download the latest version of Twitter. If you do not have the new feature so, you should wait for some time.

Do you have to follow these are steps to send the DM on Twitter?

  • Firstly, you have to download the Android or iOS mobile.
  • Then open any existing conversation in your mobile app and tab it the start the new conversation.
  • Now, you have to tap on the mic icon then recoding is started and record the message and send it. 
  • iPhone/iPad users also follow the same steps like hold the recording button to decode the message and swipe up to send the message.

Frequently Asked Question?

  • Is there any limit for the sending voice DMs?

Yes, there is a limit on sending the DM on Twitter. You can send only a 140-second-long message at one time. You can the multiple massages, when do you want to say more via voice DM.

  • Can we send the Voice DM on the Web? 

No, Twitter does not embed the feature on web users and they will release the web soon.

  • Is everyone having a voice tweet?

 No, everyone does not have this feature. This is available only for a limited group of people on Twitter. This is available in the beta state feature. In the upcoming months, we can see this feature in everyone DM.


You can follow the above strides to get the Twitter Voice DM highlight on your portable too. We finished a point-by-point article about Twitter voice DM on the off chance that you deal with any issue while sending voice DM on Twitter, ask in the remark segment we will eager to assist you.

This most popular feature of the features of every app. Twitter does not have this feature but now they update it. You will get the answer to this question “How can we send voice DM on Twitter”. If You have any questions regarding the voice DM. 

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