How to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen with Toothpaste

It can be pretty irritating to have a broken phone screen, and fixing it cost a lot of money. In this article, we will be discussing how to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste. I am sure you must be wondering, is it possible to fix a cracked phone screen? And if yes, then how to fix it. No need to worry I will mention some of the simple steps which you have to follow. 

How to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen with Toothpaste

How to Fix a Cracked Phone Screen with Toothpaste

It is very annoying to have a cracked phone. And fixing it can cost you a lot of money. Today I will teach you how to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste.

Before starting any of the following steps I would recommend you remove the battery and put off your phone also, to prevent liquid damage seal the ports of your phone with tape.

Many people ask questions like does toothpaste and rice fix a cracked screen?  Well, this can be done. 

Users have come up with the perfect way to efficiently patch a broken screen. To fix the crack phone screen very well, there are different rapid solutions, similarly, with the aid of toothpaste, baking soda, sandpaper, screen replacement, broken button sugar, rice bowl for water damage, cotton buds for port headphones issues, and much more. But yes in this blog our major focus is how to fix a cracked phone screen at home.

Fix a Cracked Phone Screen with Toothpaste [Full Steps]

Fixing a phone screen with toothpaste is not that difficult. You do not require a special tool to fix it. Let’s directly move onto the steps. But make sure to take a backup of your phone data. 

  • Firstly, place a towel on the table. And then put the screen on your mobile in such a way that it faces you. 
  • Blow a blast of compressed air off the entire screen
  • Using a soft cloth that removes the dust accumulated around the screen, clean the edges of the screen. And with compressed air, blast the screen off.
  • Now, on the end of a cotton swab, apply the toothpaste. On the edges that need to be replaced, some surplus toothpaste can be applied, so remove it using your finger. And then the finger is wiped.
  • On the other hand, hold the swab with your right hand and your phone. Then, from the left side of the crack, place the tip covered with toothpaste on the screen.
  • Gently press it down and apply it in a way that it will fully cover the crack.
  • The tip can be separated from the screen when the crack is completely sealed, and the swab can now be thrown away.
  • Keep your phone aside for a couple of minutes.
  • Finally, place and clean soft cloth on the screen.
  • Check whether or not the crack is still visible on the screen. In most cases, after following this procedure correctly, the crack disappears, but if it is still visible, repeat all the steps with full attention and care.

If the cracks on your screen aren’t removed, I will recommend replacing your screen.

Well, this was all about how to fix a cracked phone screen with toothpaste. I hope these simple steps will help you to fix your screen. Follow the step by step procedure and you are good to go.

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