How to Get Chegg Answers For Free – Complete Guide of 2021

The year 2020 made us realize the online worth of works and schooling. It has more than 3 million students. It offers various digital textbooks and solved answers. There are many different ways to get the answers from the Chegg but there are only a few ways to get free.

How to Get Chegg Answers For Free

How to Get Chegg Answers For Free

If you were searching how to see Chegg answers free? Then this article will help you a lot. During this quarantine, people tend to prefer online resources and students are moving towards online education. Chegg is the place where you find solutions for the match questions and equations for the chemical reaction.

Chegg Answers Free – Complete Solutions

Here we will talk about how we can get Chegg answers for free.

  • Chegg 4 Week of the Free Trial

Chegg offers 4 weeks trial period, you can get access to all kinds of textbooks and unlimited questions and answers. You will only need to sign up on Chegg and you will have the free trial for 4 weeks. 

  1. Go to Chegg Signup 
  2. Create your account using the Google account of Facebook.
  3. Select “I am a Student” and then you will have to choose whether you are in high school college. Choose your college or school and if you can’t find yours then click on the “my university is not listed.”
  4. After that create your profile
  5. Add payment info, you will need a credit card for it. If you do not have one then search some VCC online and fill it. 
  6. Now, you will have 4 days free trial. 
  7. Download textbooks, view answers and do whatever you need with Chegg.
  • Chegg Premium Account for Free 

This method will help you to get a free Chegg premium account. You only need to have an android or iPhone to get the work done. If you were searching how to get Chegg for free, then it is the method. 

  1. Click on this link
  2. Tap on the Start Creation.
  3. Now select the platform, you are using right now. 
  4. Now you will have to click over Load Apps. You will have to use those apps for at least 30 sec. if they asked you to sign up then you will have to do that. 
  5. Once, these steps are completed you have to go back to the website and you will have Chegg premium account details. 
  • Search Chegg Answers on Reddit 

If you are not having any kind of the above options then you can use the Reddit community resources. Here, you may find Chegg Answers Reddit community. Here you are getting free Chegg answers. 

This is the place where you can ask your questions and you may get your answers within 24 hours. Here, you will get the more complex and different solutions also. Whereas, on Chegg, you can only get the easiest solution. It has more than 100 active members and 6000+ normal members. They all will help you to know how to see Chegg answers

  • Chegg Discord Servers 

Discord will offer you multiple servers to get the Chegg answer free. If you are more of a Reddit person then you should use Reddit and if you are interested in discord then it could be a great to-go option. Another advantage that discord will provide you is that it has more active members. You can easily get Chegg answers free, here.

You will also get the daily tasks, quizzes to improve your knowledge. You can also post the same question on different servers and get answers in different ways and methods. It is kind of cool. 

  • You can go for the Chegg Alternatives

Some of the best Chegg alternatives are Studylib and Slader. There you can get almost all kinds of answers. They are having math, science, finance, history, economics, arts, social science, literature, etc.

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These are the best ways to get the Chegg answers online. I prefer steps 1 and 2. You may choose any method according to your need and preferences. If you have found this article useful then please share it with your family and friends who may benefit from it. They will know how to view Chegg answer free. 

If you have any other method then please comment them down. We would like to hear, new ways and methods on the topics.

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