How to Hide Apps on Galaxy S7/ Edge/ S6/ Note5/ Note4 – A Complete Guide

Want to hide apps on your mobile? Looking for information on how to hide apps on galaxy S7? In this article, we will be discussing how to hide apps on Samsung.

Hide apps on Samsung Galaxy S7 is not that difficult. All you need to do is follow simple steps and you are all set to go.

How to Hide Apps on Galaxy S7?

How to Hide Apps on Galaxy S7

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Why Do You Want to Hide the Apps Screen on Galaxy S7?

Android gives more options as compared to iOS. iOS does not have an apps screen or app drawer. All the applications are displayed on the home screen. Owners do not have any influence over this.

All the android mobiles have a home screen and app drawer. As per user needs, they can put the apps and widgets that are mostly used. You can tap the app icon (9 dots) on the Galaxy S7 to navigate to the app screen. To navigate back to the home screen, tap the home button (see Galaxy s7 layout page).

Because of the lack of such flexibility, some android phone owners often laugh at iOS users.

By holding two locations on your app some android users may feel confused.

They may try to launch all the applications from the app screen, especially for new android users. This means at least one more tap is required. Samsung now offers a new feature that allows Galaxy Labs to hide the screen of applications on the Galaxy s7. All the apps will be positioned on the home screen of the Galaxy s7.

In some regions/carriers, this feature of hiding apps screen on galaxy s7 may not be available.

You must be wondering when we will be discussing How to hide apps on the Samsung phones. Wait, your question will be answered. 

How do I hide apps on Samsung Galaxy s7?

Follow these steps to hide apps screen on galaxy s7:

Step 1- Go to settings

 Go to galaxy s7 settings by following this two method:

  • On the application screen or home screen, tap the App settings icon (if you put the app on the Galaxy S7 home screen)
  • Swipe down from the top (status bar) of the screen, then tap the gear button

Step 2- Go to Advance features

You can find an advanced settings page, in the settings page as shown below.

Advance Features, tap on it.

Step 3: Enter Galaxy Labs

Under the advanced feature, you can find Galaxy labs as shown below.

To try the new feature, you can tap Galaxy Labs.

If the Galaxy Labs cannot be found on the Advance features list, it means that your carrier has chosen to disable this feature. You cannot use the Galaxy S7 screen to cover apps.

Step 4-  Start Galaxy Labs.

To check available features in Galaxy labs for Galaxy S7, tap the start button.

Step 5- Enable the feature to hide apps screen on Galaxy S7

There are only two features available for my Galaxy S7 Edge, as seen on the Galaxy Labs tab.

You need to activate “Show all apps on the home screen” to cover the app screen on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 side.

As seen above, this function is not allowed by default.

You can drag the switch (as shown below) to the right side of the display of all apps on the home screen, or just tap the switch to show all apps on the home screen.

The device will automatically hide apps on the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge screen when you allow all apps to be displayed on the home screen. But you will get an alert message before this function is activated (as shown below).

To show all the apps on the home screen and hide apps screen on Galaxy S7, tap OK.

The switch will turn to blue, once show all apps on the home screen are enabled.

Step 6- Enjoy the apps icon free home screen

By tapping the home button, navigate back to the Galaxy S7 home screen.

You will see the app icon (9 dots) disappear from the favorite tray.

Now, on the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 side, you effectively hide screen apps. The Galaxy S7 home screen displays all applications.

People are looking at how to put apps in private mode Galaxy S7? All you need to do is follow these simple steps. And you are all set.

After I hide apps on the Galaxy S7 screen, does it alter the Galaxy S7 theme?

No, once you hide the app’s screen on Galaxy S7, your wallpaper and widgets on the home screen and the theme will not be changed.

To accommodate more apps, additional home screen panels will be added automatically.

But for widgets that are later added to the home screen panels created by this feature, when you turn this feature off, they will be deleted from the home screen. You’ve got to add them again.

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How to Hide Apps on Samsung Phones in 1 Minute

All the above information was related to How to hide apps on Galaxy S7. Follow these simple steps to hide apps on Galaxy S7.

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