What Is Google Classroom?

In the time of the worldwide pandemic, it became of utmost necessity to use the virtual method of learning and Google Classroom rises as an important medium for both teacher and students. It is used for creating an online classroom, assigning assignments, and grading the students. There are different folders for each class as well as many other tools that are providing students and teachers a prestigious workflow. In this article, we will discuss the new technology which is influencing the life of teachers and students. It is indeed creating an environment that was never created. You will get to know what Google classroom is as well as how it works and many more things.

What are some Google classroom features? 

There are many features of Google classroom which is making it one of the most popular platforms for both teachers and students. 

  1. Assignments: There is a feature that helps the teachers to create an assignment for the students. It also helps them to schedule assignments for any specific date as well as time. In this feature, students would have to submit the assignments and after that, they are unable to edit their assignment after submission. Here, teachers can also grade the works of students. 
  2. Grading: Teachers can also grade the assignments and work of the students. They have full control over the grading and commenting on the assignments of their students. There are color codes that make it easy for the teacher and students to track the assignment status. Black meaning work is returned, red meaning missing work, and green meaning submitted work.
  3. Publications: There is the homepage where announcements could be made. It is very useful to answer the whole class in a single place. This also allows the students to raise questions.
  4. Originality report: This feature allow both teachers and students to check plagiarism in their reports. If the student already used it on any assignment then it will not show the teacher that this feature has been used by the student. Even after plagiarism checked by the students. It can be again checked by Google before submitting it to the teacher. 
  5. Live videos:  There are other features that allow teachers to create a virtual classroom. This feature is allowing 250 participants as well as 1000000 viewers on a live stream. There is another feature that allows you to record and watch the video later. 

what is google classroom

What is the pricing of Google classroom?

Well, Google classroom is part of Google Workplace for Education. Google Workplace for Education is free for these institutions:

  • It is also free for the K-12 schools, institutions with higher-education globally as well as home-school co-ops of the US. 
  • All the K-12 or the higher institutes which are recognized by the government as well as they distribute the certificate which is recognized by the worldwide education bodies.

You also get free 30 days trial while you wait for the validation of proof of eligibility. There you get Google Workplace for Education Standard with the security center and device management, you will also get the Gmail and Classroom log analysis as well as audit logs. This version is also very pocket-friendly and only costs $3 per student for the whole year.

Teaching and Learning Upgrade cost $4 per month and it provides content for the Google meets as well as originality report for unlimited times. 

Google Workplace for Education Plus gives access to 1000000 in domain viewers in Google Meet live stream.  It is also offering faster customer support as well as sync rosters to Google classroom. This feature is costing $5 per student for a year. 

Is Google Classroom Safe?

Yes, it is safe in the theory as well as it is minimizing the human behaviors and mainly students behaviors of bullying other students, sharing inappropriate photos and media. It is constantly monitoring these kinds of behaviors and minimizing them effectively. All these mentioned behaviors can happen in real life too but in the virtual platform, there is monitoring by the Google AI for a more efficient and positive learning environment. 

Is Google classroom is available for mobile phones?

Yes, it is available for both iOS and Android users. 

I am hoping that you got the real information regarding the Google classroom as well as it is helpful for you. If you got more information then please share it in the comment section. Please, share it with your colleagues and friend to benefit them. 

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