Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Secure Chats in 2021

Since WhatsApp release the new update where they will share our information with Facebook then our readers asking for the best WhatsApp alternatives for secure chats and if you are also one of them then today we are going to share some top apps like WhatsApp.

We all know that the Indian government has banned Chinese apps also and started using made Indian products and services.  This year I understood the power of our country. We have done lots of things in this lockdown.

Now we are too serious regarding our health. In the last 2020 WhatsApp updates their new privacy & policy. People don’t like their new privacy & policy.

The myth of Privacy & Policy as you know, they can use the data of users for a long time. WhatsApp has publicly cleared their intentions. Still, people do not trust their policies.

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Secure Chats in 2021

Now, people don’t want to use WhatsApp anymore. As far as privacy is concerned, people are changing their preferences. Elon Musk also tweeted on Twitter regarding the change messaging app.

Here we have the list of some alternatives for WhatsApp. You can use these apps for the massages.

  1. Signal
  2. Telegram
  3. Imessage
  4. Skype
  5. Hangouts
  6. Discord
  7. Session
  8. Threema

Top Alternatives of WhatsApp in 2021

Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Secure Chats in 2021
Best WhatsApp Alternatives for Secure Chats in 2021

The signal can be the best alternative to WhatsApp. This is available on your play store and apple store. This app does not collect the user data and it is end-to-end encrypted just like Whatsapp. This app will ask your mobile number for creating a new profile. It will not be linked with your personal profile anywhere. They ask for a mobile number for the only purpose of verification.

They used to ask for a mobile number to generate a private key for the user’s registration. This is not for tracking their data or location. They are not your data. As the features, you will get in this app. You can do this in-app groups, chats, voice and video calls, hidden messages. They lock your privacy or your personal messages. This app has a user-friendly interface. The signal app has a user interface that is very easy and simple. You will not miss WhatsApp anyway.

Telegram app is the most popular alternative to WhatsApp. In 2020 Telegram will become popular for downloading the latest movies. When Whatsapp had updated their new privacy & policy, so many people shifted on telegram. Telegrams gain more popularity because they are not sharing your data. This app will provide you with lots of features. You can make the groups of 100000 individuals in the same group.

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You can share the heavy files through the telegram. It has a channel feature; this channel will be a public channel. Anyone can join the public channel. You can share multiple files on this app. This is end-to-end encryption and makes your chats safe. You can make your channel and choose your username. It will take chats safe for a long-time and they do not delete your chats.

iPhone users already know about this app is called iMessage. This app is only for Apple devices but still, this is the best app. The app does not share users’ data. This app deserves to be on this list because its interface is too easy and simple. It will get your attention. When we talk about privacy and policy so, Apple is the best about privacy. The iMessage app is end-to-end encrypted so apple itself never reads your messages.

When they are in the transmission between the devices. When someone wants to read your information, he/she must need the passcode and biometric of your apple device to login into the system.

When we heard Skype, our mind said this app is a business app. Yes, this is best for business conversation. The skype app owned by Microsoft has left all other business chat application behind the way back. It is just the opposite of the repo when it comes to normal messaging. Skype is a secure app that is specially designed for business conversation. This app is end-to-end encryption for voice and video calls.

When we discuss the privacy & Policy of Skype so, This is end-to-end encryption. When we discuss the video call, group video call so, no other app can compete with skype. This is currently available for almost all platforms for free.

Hangout is one of the best alternatives for Whatsapp replacements available now. You can download this from the play store and apple store. You can connect with all your friends who are available on hangout and Gmail. You can use this feature in your Gmail also. It has a different application for messaging. This app will provide you features like group chats, and one on one sending files as attachments and searching text messages.

Their only one down back is that you cannot chat with anyone who does not have a Gmail account. Hangout is not end-to-end encrypted, but a good main thing is Google encrypts them in transit so that no one can steal your information.

Discord is one of the most popular apps to chat with your fellow gamers in the gaming world. The main thing is you can enjoy their new feature like sending messages, emojis, images, GIFs, and Doc files too. We can also do video calls, voice calls and share your screen with the other users while browsing the app.

It will do clean integration with platforms like twitch, Spotify, Reddit, GitHub and it will satisfy all of your desires. Using the discord and will not violate their user’s privacy.

Threema is a messaging app like Whatsapp and it takes user data security very seriously. This app will be end-to-end encrypted. You can share the files, send and receive messages, status updates. This app does not have any email id or phone number while creating the account on this.

This app does not login into your IP addresses or any metadata. This app does not take any data from your side. Threema is not a free app, it’s a paid app.

Session has an interesting privacy & policy that states, the session never knows who you are, who you are talking to whom in the content or messages. This is an end-to-end encrypted app. This app feature is reducing the sensitive metadata makes it one of the best and powerful alternatives of WhatsApp. This session app never asks you to share any information like email id, phone number.

You can use this app anonymously. This app will provide you many features like group calls. Voice notes, sending attachments, etc. it has also a dark mode


Now, we have many options for the WhatsApp alternative. You can choose any app which is good for you.  We will find more alternatives also for you. We will keep finding more options similar to these apps. You can choose the paid and unpaid app as per requirement. You can share this article with your friends and family. If someone wants to shift from WhatsApp, you can choose any app from the list. We have lots of options regarding the alternatives of WhatsApp.

This is a very good solution for the alternatives. There is an app for Apple users also. Don’t worry about the data sharing. I shred the best thing for privacy and policy. We will share more apps for the message. You can tell us your preference, so we can easily tell you about the best option.

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