Why is My Printer Skipping Lines – Epson/Hp/Canon

Why is My Printer Skipping Lines – Sometimes, when we print the document but the Epson printer is skipping lines while printing? Is your printer not working properly and printing lines while printing? Are you looking for a manual fix for this issue? This is a common printing issue and it can occur due to many reasons.

Why is My Printer Skipping Lines – Epson/Hp/Canon

Why is My Printer Skipping Lines

  • Nozzle Clogs Issue
  • Misaligned print heads issue
  • Low-quality print setting issue
  • Incorrect paper thickness setting

In this article, we will explain to you how to solve these are issues. If you need help so, you can call on the Epson toll-free helpline number. We will provide you with the proper solution to these issues. Our expert will provide you with a better solution by writing this article. 

Solution: Fix Printer Skipping Lines

Following the steps, which is mention below: –

Fix 1: You  have to Run and clean Print Cartridges Utility

  • Firstly, you should connect your printer to the computer and on it.
  • Then you have to click on the windows start button and go to the control panel.
  • Now, double-click on the device and printer folder.
  • After that, right-click on the icon of the printer and choose Preferences.
  • Then you have to click on the Service tab or select the Device.
  • You can see, now Printer Toolbox is open.
  • Go to the Device Service tab and click on the clean the Print Cartridge or follow the instruction to fix the issue.
  • Now, print a test page to check the printer quality.

Fix 2: Clean the Contact 

When canon printer skipping lines when printing so, this issue can be happening also.

  • Now, open the ink cartridge and access the door, wait for the carriage will silent.
  • After that turn off the printer or disconnect the power cord.
  • Then remove the ink cartridge then place it on the paper with the nozzle plate facing up.
  • After that, you have to clean the copper-colored contact with the lint-free cloth or with the distilled water
  • Then clean other ink cartridges also.
  • You should clean the electric contacts in the carriage also.
  • Now, allow the ink cartridge or the carriage electronic contact to dry for 10 minutes.
  • After that Reinstall the ink cartridge and then close the ink cartridge access door.
  • Then reconnect the printer then press the power-on button.
  • Now, print one page for the test.

Fix 3: Remove the black Cartridge for two hours.

When the Epson printer horizontal lines problem so, the solution is here. 

  • Now, Remove the black print cartridge and close the printer.
  • Then you should place the cartridge on the paper with nozzles up.
  • Now, rest your cartridge for two hours.
  • After that reinstall the cartridge and give the print for the test.
  • See the defects on the page.

Fix 4: Replace the Problem Cartridge

When your Epson printer not printing color. There is much reason for this. Sometimes you have to change your cartridge. When you are not able to fix the issue so, you should these methods: –

Then you should call on the toll-free number of Epson customer support and they will help you to solve this problem. They will find the exact reason for the Cartridge problem. When you have the.

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  • Why is my printer skipping lines Epson?

When your Epson printer skipping lines so, there are the following reasons: –

  1. Nozzle clogs issue
  2. Misaligned print heads issue
  3. Low-quality print setting issue
  4. Incorrect paper thickness setting
  • Why is my printer skipping lines when printing?

There are multiple reasons for the skipping lines like: – missing the nozzle in HP inkjet cartridges and there can be many issues. When your printer’s color finishes so, it can be the main issue also. 

  • Why is my printer skipping lines hp?

When your HP printer skipping lines so, it coursed by a defective cartridge and an electrical connection issue between the printer or cartridge. You should clean the cartridge.

  • Why is my printer skipping lines canon?

It usually happens because of the clogged or dried out. It similar to other printer issues and it happening in the Canon printer due to trying ink and dust collected in the Nozzle.

  • Why is my printer missing lines?

When you are missing nozzles on the HP Inkjet cartridges can because white streaks. There are many issues like other printers.

  • Why is my printer missing lines of text?

It happens when you have recently replaced an ink cartridge and the result is your printer gives the gap in prating.

  • Why is my hp envy printer skipping lines?

When your HP printer is skipping envy lines so, it happens because of the cartridges.

  • Why is my hp printer missing lines? 

It happens because of the multiple nozzles on the HP Inkjet cartridge.


When you are finding the “Why is my printer skipping lines” so, this article is for you. I hope, you are able to fix your printer problems. if you have any question so, you write in the comment section.

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