Why Won’t My HP Laptop Turn On WIFI?

Why won’t My HP Laptop Turn On WIFI, Now What Should I Do?

When your HP laptop won’t connect to WIFI so you should be following methods. Firstly, you should check your HP laptop problem properly. I will share with you simple methods for fixes.   These methods help you to fix the issue of Wi-Fi connection.

We will assist you with the “how to connect Wi-Fi with HP laptop windows 7 and 10. We will provide you with proper guidance.

How to Fix HP laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi windows 7

Here you will check out the 3 fixes which we maintained in this article. HP laptop Wi-Fi won’t turn on in the windows7 so; you should check these are methods. These are features able to measure the WLAN card, initiating system recovery and updating the driver software, and many more.

Fix 1: Enable the WLAN Card in My HP laptop Windows 7.

If in your mind this question “why won’t my HP laptop connect to Wi-Fi” So, the solution is here?

  • Firstly, open the “Start Menu” in your HP windows 7.
  • Then find the “Device Manager” after that open it.
  • Now, click on the “Network Adaptors”.
  • Right-click on the WLAN card then select the “Enable”.
  •  Finally, turn on the Wi-Fi on your laptop. Now, the laptop is able to connect with Wi-Fi.

Fix 2: -For your HP laptop, the windows 7 Recovery system uses the OPT.

When your HP laptop won’t connect to Wi-Fi, then you can use the OPT system for r recovery. You have to press the power button and push the Esc to visit the Start-up Menu. Now, you can continue the process.

  • Restart your Windows 7 HP laptop.
  • Press the power button.
  • Now, press the Esc button repeatedly.
  • When the start-up menu is appearing then, press the “F10” key to “System Recovery”.
  • Load the default setup when the main security system configuration.
  • Hit the enter
  • Now, you have to save the changes and exit.
  • Finally, start your HP laptop and check the Wi-Fi connecting or not.

Fix 3: How to update your driver software on your HP Windows 7 Laptop.

“My HP laptop is not connecting to Wi-Fi, what should I do? When you are facing this problem so, this article for you. Firstly, you should check the driver software of your Windows 7 HP laptop is updated. Follow the step which is mention below.

  • Firstly, push the “Window “key.
  • Quest for and open the “Control Panel”. 
  • Snap-on the “Equipment and Sound” choice. 
  • Snap-on “Gadget Manager”. 
  • Pick different gadgets. 
  • Right-click on “Ethernet Controller” and select “Update Driver Software”. 
  • Select “Quest Automatically for Updated Driver Software” and press “Next”. 
  • At the point when the driver programming has been effectively refreshed, you can associate your HP PC to Wi-Fi with no mistake. 
  • Fixing HP Laptop Not Connecting to Wi-Fi on Windows 10 
  • Investigate the 10 fixes in the accompanying segments to get the difficulty-free from Wi-Fi not interfacing on your HP Windows 10 PC. To give you an outline, these fixes will incorporate checking the settings of your gadget, killing the force saver, utilizing the Command Prompt and the sky is the limit from there. Ensure that the means of these fixes are effectively performed. 

Fix 4: Try Updating Wireless Network Drivers on Your HP Windows 10 Laptop 

For the issue of the HP PC Wi-Fi not working, you can check whether the remote organization drivers have been refreshed on your framework. In the event that not, dealing with this issue will be likely. Utilize the methodology offered underneath to refresh the remote organization drivers rapidly. 

  • Press the “Windows” key. 
  • Type in “Windows Update Settings” and open it. 
  • Press the “Check for Updates” button in the settings. 
  • Presently, the updates will get introduced on your Windows 10 HP PC. 

Fix 5: Enter the Correct Settings on Your HP Windows 10 Laptop 

At the point when numerous clients wonder “For what reason is HP PC not interfacing with Wi-Fi”. we manage them to check the settings of their Windows 10 HP PC. At the point when the settings have not been entered accurately, this mistake can arise. Here is the way you can check and address these settings on your machine. 

  • push on the “Start Menu”.
  • Select “Power Options”. 
  • Pick “Balanced” in the chose plan option. 
  • Click on the option to change the plan set. 
  • Presently, select the choice to change the high-level force setting. 
  • Pick “Force Saving Mode” from dropbox. 
  • On the off chance that “Greatest Performance” has not been chosen as a matter of course, you can pick it physically. 
  • Press “Apply”. 
  • Click on the “Ok”. 
  • Presently, restart your Windows 10 HP PC and associate it with Wi-Fi. 

Fix 6: Disable Power Saver on Your HP Windows 10 Laptop 

“Is there any valid reason why HP won’t PC associate with Wi-Fi when the Power Saver choice has been empowered?” To respond to that, when the Power Saver choice has been empowered, it might influence your Wi-Fi. Thus, you may confront inconveniences while associating with Wi-Fi on your HP Windows 10 PC. We should debilitate this alternative to fix the issue in 9 stages. 

  • Click on “Network Adapters” and setting
  • “Intel Gigabit Network Connection” and right-click on that. 
  • Select “Properties”. 
  • Snap-on the “Power Management” tab. 
  • Make sure that the power saver is disabled and click on the “ok”. 
  • Restart your Windows 10 HP PC now. 
  • Finally, connect Wi-Fi to your device.  

Fix 7: Try Using Command Prompt on Your HP Windows 10 Laptop 

For the blunder of HP will not interface with Wi-Fi on Windows 10, you can use the Command Prompt. Underneath, we have advised the order you need to enter in the Command Prompt. Also, the wireless association mistake will get settled. Presently, read the 6 stages given underneath. 

  • Select “Start”. 
  • Search for the “Command Prompt”. Run the administration. 
  • When warring shows up, tap “Yes”.
  • Press the following “Command Prompt” and press ‘Enter’.
  • “nets hint IP reset”
  • When the command is performing the function, Reset your HP Windows 10 laptop.

This is the step for the connect your WIFI to your laptop.

Fix 8: – Make sure the Wireless key and button should be enabled in your HP Windows 10 Laptop

When your HP laptop not connecting to Wi-Fi so, the most usual cause is not turning on the Wi-Fi key or button. The model of HP windows 10 laptop comes with a Wi-Fi key or a button. When it turned off, so there can be a problem with the Wi-Fi connection.

You can be following the motion steps: –

  • You have to inspect your laptop’s Wi-Fi button.
  • Then press it
  • Within 10seconds, check if Wi-Fi is connecting or not.

Fix 9: You can try the automatic Troubleshooting in the HP Window 10

Following the motion steps: 

  • Go to the “HP Support Assistant” then click on “My Device”.
  • Click on the troubleshooting and Fixes Tab.
  • Go on the HP Network Check
  • When the “User Account Control” message is appearing so, press the yes.
  • When the “HP Network Check” is showing so, click on the “Next”. 
  • Expanding the “Possible Root Causes” is the next step.
  • Click on the Tool icon.
  • Then you can see the instruction on your screen. Press on the “Re-Check”
  • After that turn on the wireless or Key for enabling the wireless signal.
  • You can see the “Taskbar”, Right-click on the icon of “wireless connection”.
  • You should choose “troubleshoot Problems”.
  • In the “Windows Network Diagnostic” and the troubleshooting process will start. Now, you can see the listed problems here. Then follow the certain action.
  • Now, Your HP window 10 Wi-Fi is connecting.

Fix 10: Reset your Hardware on Your HP Windows 10 Laptop or Computer 

An issue in the equipment could be the solution to your inquiry “for what reason is my HP laptop not associating with Wi-Fi”. Because of a similar explanation, this issue can be found on the Windows 10 HP laptop too. 

In this segment, you can discover the methodology to check for any issue in your framework’s equipment and afterward reset it effectively to determine that issue. 

  • Close down your HP PC. 
  • In the event of a remote switch, eliminate the force string from it. 
  • In the event that your broadband modem is isolated, eliminate the force string from your broadband modem. 
  • Within the 5 seconds, join the force string to the switch and broadband modem. 
  • Let all lights, web, and your PC turn on. 
  • On the off chance that the lights don’t turn on, check for any mistake in the force source. You can likewise utilize another electrical plug. 
  • In the event that simply the force light turns on and no organization association gets identified, if it’s not too much trouble, check whether the web signal link has been associated with your broadband. 
  • In the event that the web light is squinting or no association is demonstrated, interface with your web access supplier to sort the issue out. 

Presently, turn on your HP Windows 10 PC. Windows ought to associate with the remote organization all alone. On the off chance that the web doesn’t get consequently associated, tap the symbol of “Remote Connection”. Pick your “Organization”. Presently, press “Associate”. Also, your PC will be associated with the web. 

Fix 11: Install Wireless Network Adapter Driver Again on Your HP Windows 10 Laptop 

At the point when the issue of the Windows 10 HP PC will not interface with wifi doesn’t settle, you can attempt to reinstall the remote organization connector driver. To start with, you can eliminate the USB connector and afterward restart your PC. Afterward, you can move to the HP Recovery Manager to do different advances. 

  • Unplug the outside USB remote organization connector. 
  • Presently, restart your HP Windows 10 PC. 
  • Utilize some other USB port this time for connecting it. 
  • Press the “Windows” key. 
  • In the “Search Box”, look for “HP Recovery Manager”. 
  • Tap on “Reinstall drivers and additionally applications, Hardware Driver Reinstallation or Drivers and Applications Reinstall”. 
  • The seventh step is to experience the driver’s rundown. At that point pick the remote connector of your HP Windows 10 PC. 
  • Presently, tap on “Introduce”. 
  • On the off chance that provoked, restart your HP PC after the establishment cycle is finished. 
  • Presently, interface your gadget to the web. No blunders in associating it to the web will be experienced at this point.


I hope you get the solution for the why won’t my HP laptop activate Wi-Fi. If you have any questions so, you can write in the comment section. 

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